All that Glitters...

Doesn't have to be gold!

Here at JND, we've curated a whole collection of lovely glittery colours, ready to get you to the Autumn. We're ready for the heat to start giving way to the chill, for hot chocolates and scarves. We're not so ready for the nights to get longer just yet though, so we thought we'd put something together that would make you smile, and what better to do that with warm metallics!

 Now, without further ado, let's get into some of the line up!

Russian Opulence by Cuccio

 A Gold for all the Golds out there, Russian Opulence by Cuccio lives up to it's namesake!

Inspired by the stunning architecture of Moscow, Gleaming golden Cathedral peaks and stunning Palace interiors, "Russian Opulence" is just a taste of the country.

Caramalized Plum by DND Gel

Caramalized Plum is a gorgeous Deep brown with purple tinge, run through with warm gold and pink gold glitter that really starts to sparkle under natural light.

This shade evokes all those feel good Autumn experiences; Warm, spiced tarts, Chai lattes and knitted jumpers. Mmm, we just can't wait!

Silver Gold Metallic by Apex Professional

For something a little more understated but still undeniably shimmery, we bring you to 'Silver Gold Mettalic'!

Our take on this shade is slightly frostier, tending more towards a neutral warm gold base of gold and a  healthy dosage of fine silver glitter.

Best matched with a glass of Champers at sunset x

Worth a Pretty Penne

And oh boy, is this shade worth it! 

From OPI's Venice Collection all the way back in 2015, this shade is one that's stood the test of time, and for good reason. 

This peachy shimmer looks great in this transition between the seasons; Light and nude enough to get away with being an end of summer shade, but we all know what the glitter means ;)


And these are just four of the shades that we've hand picked for you this season! Visit our 'All That Glitters'  Collection for even more colours and shades. 

Do you have any favourite shimmers or glitters that you like to wear this time of year, or that you particularly like to recommend to clients? You can contact us on Twitter if you do!

Check out our Pinterest Board for Inspiration below!

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