Oh Em Gee - Apex Professional is dropping Major Shade(s)!

Have you been enjoying the peace and quiet from us? 

Well too bad! Because we've got some HUGE news for you colour addicts out there!

Apex professional is dropping a whopping 100+ shades of Gel Polish this week, all of which will be available on our store.

This massive release has got us pumped for the holiday season, with so many different shades coming there's going to be something for you, your clients, your friends, anyone you can think of!

All of these colours are beautifully smooth and highly pigmented like we've come to expect form Apex Professional. This is a veritable bounty of not only solid colours but glitters, cat's eyes, shimmers, and thermal shades, it's clear they've had a lot of fun with these ones!

Below are all the colours they're releasing, plus many more created outside of specific collections!



"Renaissance" is a mix of gorgeous deep jewel tones and delicate light neutrals that are perfect for the transition from Autumn to Winter. Feed your inner art nerd with these shades all named after notable creators from history!


We hope you like Glitter! This collection of twelve stellar shades is hand-picked and cleverly named for all of our Astrologians out there. Wear your Zodiac sign's polish loud and proud or mix and match with your compatible sign.


Night at the Proms Collection Image  


Look at these harmonious shades! This collection was inspired by the celebration of classical music that is the BBC Proms hosted at the Royal Albert Hall in London at the tail end of every summer. Let your inner Maestro come out with this symphony of colour.

Tuck Shop:

Hellloooooo childhood nostalgia! This rainbow roulette of colours is all about the bright and bold and each shade is named after all those good sweets you used to be able to get at the local Tuck shop after school. We still very much enjoy these colours as adults too, though, so there's no reason to hold ourselves back! The great thing about this collection is the "Sugar Coated" Glitter - A fine holographic glitter in a clear base that looks amazing on top of any of the cremes that give you an extra layer of fun for each shade!



This mix of Earth, Sky and Sea is a brilliant set of colours that bring out the desire to travel within us. This collection was inspired by journeying and seeing new things!

Even more colours?!

And then there's all the other colours that they've released independently of their collections, over forty shades that stand out all by themselves. 

You can check out all 163 of the Apex Professional polishes right here on our website!

We hope you love all these colours just as we do, and we cannot wait to bring you even more good news soon!

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