APEX Professional

Here at Just Nails Direct we are incredibly proud and exceptionally excited to announce not only a new and innovative Brand to our Catalogue but also to the Market place! APEX Professional!

After studying the materials used in UVLED Gel Polish, an Engineer along with 2 Professional Nail Technicians discovered something rather interesting… The Industry Leading Brands were in-fact using almost identical ingredients as those that positioned themselves at the more affordable side of the market; often increasing the price up to three times in some cases!  

This just didn’t sit right with this new team of Cosmetic Explorers… and so they set themselves on a mission to create a brand that not only upheld the quality and luxury of the High-End market but also came along with an Inclusive price tag. Feeling strongly that high quality products should be for all and not just the few. And thus…. APEX Professional was born!

Since it’s formation two years ago, APEX Professional’s single goal has been to provide top-quality products at affordable prices so as Nail Technicians both on the road and in the Salon can focus on what they love and on what they do best without the worry of clipped profit margins due to over priced brands.




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