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It's that time of year again, and though things are more different than ever in 2021, there's still time to think about the little things!

Things like the steam coming off a piping hot cup of tea, the silky smooth feel of chocolate, a flash of bright red on nails, the hope that the chill will leave the wind soon.

It's the little things that can feel important nowadays, especially when all the big things can make us feel nervous and unsteady. And so, we here at Just Nails Direct are compiling a list of some of the best reds and red-adjacent polishes for Valentines.

A Little Thing for us to look forward to!


Apex Red Gel Polishes

Firstly, we would be remiss if we didn't talk about our very own APEX Polishes. Our Origin collection is our first release that we believe has every essential colour you need in it; and of course, we have opinions on the best reds!

Garnet Red

-Is a gorgeous, deep red that works well for every day wear for Autumn and Winter. The cremé colour looks so nice paired with a matching lip colour, too. This is a more subtle valentines colour that reminds you of long winter coats, short heeled boots and looking out of a frosty Coffee House window.


Ruby Glitz.

What a shade this is! Our dark-red, almost purple base with a generous helping of fine ruby-red glitter is the more mature version of Dorothy's Red Pumps, and though it won't take you on a magical trip to a far away land, perhaps it'll bring a bit of sparkle to your Valentine's Evening.

Outstanding Red

If you thought Red Envelope was bright, wait until you see this outstanding shade! This is the colour of dazzling rubies, luscious summer lips, and blooming Poppies. Loud and eye-catching, Outstanding Red will quickly become your go-to for this holiday.


We aren't just a one trick horse, no sirree! 

From OPI to Morgan Taylor to DND, our warehouse stocks the very best colours if APEX Professional doesn't quite whet your whistle. Here are some of our suggestions!

'O.P.I Red' is a classic in it's own right! This gorgeous shimmer is a deep red with a little playfulness coming through. OPI's Infinite Shine range boasts a staying power that drug-store brands just can't compete with! This shade is also available in Lacquer and Gel.

Cuccio's 'Soiree Not Sorry' might be from their Christmas Collection, but you know what? We think we're still close enough to December to allow this colour, even if we have to count backwards for it. This is a bright red Gel with fine golden pearlescent finish.

DND's 'Love Letter' cannot be left out of this lineup, especially with a name like this! This fun red glitter polish is shot through with sparks of silver to liven things up a bit if you want a bit of variety. For an interesting twist, use a Matte Top Coat to make it a more subtle effect!

'City Siren' is a mature, dark, berry red that makes you think of velvet lounges and black lace. China Glaze really pulled no stops with this gorgeous cremé to adorn your Valentine's day mani! 

'Hot Hot Tamale' by Morgan Taylor is for those of you that prefer a more Orange-Red than a Red-Red. It's okay, we know you exist! If the reds that you've seen just really don't go with your outfit for the evening, don't match your complexion, or they're simply just not you, 'Hot Hot Tamale' is an option that you shouldn't overlook.

Speaking of less traditional reds, ORLY's 'Passionfruit' is maybe one of the brightest pinks we've ever laid our lucky eyes on! If you want an in-your-face, punchy, "I will make it feel like summer again so help me God" pink, but also something tangentially relevant to Valentine's day, then this is the shade for you!

Check out the collection we curated especially for Valentine's here!



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