Apex Professional Gel Polish - The Romance Collection - Spring 2022

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Soon might be sooner than you might have thought!

Everyone say hello to the Brand New "Romance" collection!

We said had exciting things to share with you in 2022- well, good news! We can finally share with you the New Apex Professional Spring 2022 collection!

The Romance Collection features 12 stunning shades, a brand new bottle shape and an upgrade from the 10ml to new 15ml bottles! Everything's coming up Apex ♥

Check out the shades below!

Apex Romance collection swatches with names


Aren't they all gorgeous? And just about perfect for a certain little lover's day coming up in roughly a month... Just Sayin'. It's not called the Romance collection for nothing ;)

This Collection includes 9 cremés, 2 glitters and 1 shimmer, so you can cover a lot of bases and styles! As you can see, they marble wonderfully together, but they're capable of looking gorgeous no matter the design. Let's take a look at each one!

  • Better Together - This soft-yet-bright light pink is all about that feminine side, blooming petals and teenage crushes, love hearts and love birds.
  • Blind Date - Oh, come on now, you know there had to be a Nude in here somewhere! This rosy-tan will make you feel ready to take on any challenge or situation thrown your way.
  • Blushin' - This peachy shade will surely distract from any burning ear tips or overly-red faces, right? 
  • Courtship - This red-magenta is sure to catch the eyes of your date, no matter your competition.
  • Lucky in Love - A sparkling rosé that shifts between sheer pink and white glitter, you couldn't be luckier!
  • Rose Renegade - Not quite a warning, but red enough to show you mean business, this muted red will be an easy favourite.
  • Russet Romance - Calm and mature, this neutral brown-pink will go with anything.
  • Soulmates - Soulmates is a rusty brick red with a shimmering fine glitter! It is your 'Meant To Be', your 'Raison d'être'! Also it's a really pretty colour.
  • Spring Fling - A light lavender to celebrate the turning of the seasons!
  • Star-Crossed - A Deep, mysterious purple-burgandy that will keep people guessing.
  • Sweet on You - This bright baby pink is perfect for anyone with a sweet-tooth when it comes to colour!
  • Take Your Heart - A bold mixed-sized red glitter, absolutely perfect for Valentine's day!


Now, why buy Apex instead of your normal favourites? Well, we know that they certainly aren't going to be toppling your tried and trusted without trying, but we have good reason to believe in the product. 

The gels are collected, collated and named with love, and no effort has been spared to make sure everything is perfect before they're set out to sell. Apex wants to be able to provide a top-shelf quality product at sensible, affordable prices.

So although they might be new contestant in the world of cosmetics, we think you would love giving them a try. Who knows! Maybe you'll fall in love ;)

Shop The Shades Here!

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