How we keep moisturised during the colder season...
Autumn has finally arrived ladies and gentlemen and though we are all very excited to start transitioning into our richer Fall tones we also need to start thinking about our A/W Hand and Foot Care routines.
With the cold weather comes the dry skin. Our nails can be as beautiful and dazzling as ever… but if the hands where they reside are cracked and painful… well it can kinda’ ruin the look and the mood, don’t you think?
We have a few tips, tricks and FAVE products to save your hands, feet and most importantly… keep those Nails looking gorgeous!


  • Firstly, let’s talk about EXFOLIATION!
    • Especially important for your feet! It helps to soften calluses, cuticles and remove dead skin while leaving your feet refreshed, light and revitalised. There is no point in moisturising dead skin guys, so take it off!! We LOVE Footlogix Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub, it works an absolute treat!
  • Secondly, MOISTURISE those extremities!
    • Once you’ve exfoliated it is ESSENTIAL that you Moisturise your skin and replenish your natural oils. We LOVE OPI’s Avojuice here at JND. Their Skin Quenchers lotions are filled with real, good-for-you, natural extract, Vitamins and antioxidants and an entire menu of soothing, nourishing ingredients designed to give your skin a much-needed drink of moisture.
  • Thirdly, OIL please!
    • We HIGHLY recommend using Oil for targeted problem areas. Our own JND Cuticle Oil softens cuticles while also moisturising, and conditioning skin and nails, helping to Strengthen and Nourish. Our Oil instantly absorbs into nails and cuticles to deeply hydrate without leaving a greasy residue!


We also recommend soaking your hands and feet at least once a week. Not just to keep your skin healthy, but also to give you 10 minutes of pure relaxation!

Beautiful Nails DESERVE Beautiful Skin!


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