Dear November... •♦ Giveaway Announcement ♦•

Welcome, welcome, everyone, into a new month!

Gosh, it really is getting to the end of the year, huh? Are you looking forward to getting 2021 over and done with or do you not want to let it go just yet?
We're really looking forward to 2022 because we have some great news for you all! But we aren't quite there yet, so let's make the most of the rest of 2021.
So, it looks like all the Fall collections are really out now! OPI have even released their Celebration 2021 collection alongside the Downtown LA collection, giving us a whopping 36 colours to play with! 


Zoya has released their Sunset Pallette Fall-Winter collection, choc full of harmonious warm shades that are super gorgeous.

We're really being spoiled this season, and we thought we'd give you a few ideas to get you rolling on your manicures this month!

Jewel Tone Takes:


We love love love Jewel tones, all those deep colours of gemstones that look stunning no matter which light they're under.

The first set we have is from @pressedbycharlotte_ who has created a stunning negative space leopard print accent set with a gorgeous Emerald green (Jungle, The Gel Bottle) that looks so nice for this season.

The second is a super fun skittle mani from @jadeandpolished that shows off a gorgeous set of colours from Eternal Cosmetics (Elegant Collection). If you can't decide which colour you want to go for, a skittle mani is perfect for you.

The last is from... us! Yes, we've used our own tricks here to make a Garnet Gold french mani with our Apex Professional Polishes. Garnet Red and Silver-Gold Metallic work so wonderfully together for this season (Don't worry, we're getting Garnet Red back in stock soon!). If you want to see more of our designs, come and follow us on our Instagram @justnailsdirect.


 Fall Look Book:

Did someone say tartan? @makennachristinexo certainly did! Bring the blanket with you wherever you go with this simple, chic, tartan-skittle manicure with a matte finish.

If you like this colour combo but not so much the pattern, how about a fun floral design from @malowanki.nails? The delicate patterning and the subtle jewels on the solid colours is amazing!

For the final style in our look book we've got another Skittle, but with a matte/gloss twist! @christy_polished_nails has used a simple but elegant almond shape with a subtle geometric gloss edge to add a little fun to the mani and we love it!

 So, has that got you inspired at all? Are you going to be taking some of these ideas and making them your own? We'd love to see if you do! 

If that wasn't enough for you, check out our pinterest board full of even more ideas!


•♦ And so, A New Announcement! ♦•

Apex Professional contest Giveaway Banner


Yes, that's right! You can get your chance to win 10 Apex Professional Colours and all three of the Base Coat, No-Wipe and Super Matte Top Coats for yourself! You'll be able to choose from 25 of our colours, just in time for the holiday season! 

Not only that, but you'll also win a CCO UV LED Gel Curing Lamp and a mini mani set including everything you need for your own DIY Gel Manicure! 

Entry will run from November 15th to December 15th. Follow us on our Instagram to get notified of when the competition goes live and for more information on prizes. Entries are open to all UK and EU Residents.

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