Glitter Nails - Spoilt for Choice

We wouldn’t be lying to you if we told you we were a little…. Obsessed with Glitter nail polish here at JND! The ’ooh's’ and ‘aah's’ that echo off of the wall's when we get a new shade in can be heard down the street!

We love it in ALL it’s now varying forms! Bringing us neatly to our subject for today! What kind of Glitter Nail polish’s are out there?


Glitter polish is diverse and much like the glitter itself, multi-faceted.  Starting off easy with subtle shimmer to completely blinding and unapologetically glamorous. Of course with every nail varnish you can decide how many layers you want to build and how much of an impact you want it to have… With Glitter polish this rule of thumb really takes on a new meaning...

Glitter Types:

  • Topper – Clear glossy gel polish with flecks of glitter here or there. Created to add some sparkle to your everyday colours.
  • Metallic’s – Extremely fine Glitter.
  • Confetti Glitter –Varying shapes and sizes of Glitter. They aren’t always reflective and can often by matte and highly pigmented.
  • Flake Glitter – Very thin pieces of Glitter, often in odd, irregular shapes and shards. Can give off a metallic effect.
  • Micro-Glitter: Reflective glitter that’s incredibly fine. As it’s very densely packed with the glitter it gives the effect of pure pigment with extreme sparkle.
  • Holographic/Holo-Glitter: Glitter of all kind's that refracts light instead of reflects.  This creates extremely shiny, prismatic colours. Shining rainbow's everywhere. I mean... who doesn't need that in their life once in a while?
  • Linear Holo - Tiny holographic pigments are so close together that they form rainbows in straight lines... aka Linear!

Ps. Make them pop!
A good top coat can help to ensure a glitter manicure that really sparkles. Providing that much needed layer of protection so as little specks won't flake off, a top coat will even your nail, getting rid of the uneven surface Glitter nails tend to create. One of our favourite's here at JND has to be Apex® Professional No Cleanse Top Coat, a beautifully even glossy finish for just £6.50! 


Ps. Glitter removal!
Ensure you ALWAYS start with a base coat when using Glitter Nail Polish, this will afford your nail’s some much needed protection as well as making the removal process less of a headache.

If they are being a particular pain to remove, place a cotton ball slightly damp with acetone on the top of your nail, wrap in some foil and leave for around 10 minutes. Our very own JND Pure Acetone would do the trick!

If you feel a burning sensation start, remove the foil and cotton balls immediately! 

Hope you've enjoyed delving a little deeper in to the world of Glitter nail polish as much as we have! 

With Apex Professional's upcoming UV Gel release, we are looking forward to some gorgeous new sparkly nail's to hit our shelves! Keep up with all the news, updates and GIVEAWAYS we might be running on our Instagram!

Have fun this festive season, even if we cant do everything we normally do, and the world is a strange place to be right now... we can always take some time for us and paint our nails... 




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