The Wimbledon Collection

The first month where things really start to feel like summer, the month of all the colours of the rainbow and a month where we get to tell you about some really awesome news from Apex Professional!

Let’s kick this month of with some amazing news from our partners over at Apex Professional!

There are over 50, yes, Fifty, Five-Zero, new colours coming out in the coming month!

Not only is there a whole new collection jam packed full of bright summer colours, but they’re also releasing 42 colours independent of a collection!

Today we’re taking a look at The Wimbledon Collection.

This set of twelve bright, summery colours is perfect for the season. Five highly pigmented neons, a gorgeous white shimmer and 6 coordinated cremes make us so excited so tell you about this!

Our favourites include “Love-15”, “G.O.A.T”, and “Summer Strawberries”, and we’ll show you exactly why below!

  •  🎾 Love 15 – Tennis ball neon yellow? Yes, absolutely! It’s the Wimbledon collection after all! This shade absolutely glows in the sunlight and is super fun in the way that neon’s are known for!
  • 🎾 G.O.A.T – The Greatest Of All Time, this title has been passed to a few select few on the courts, but now you can have it all for yourself. G.O.A.T is a deep, saturated, primary Blue.
  • 🎾 Perfectly Served – Speaking of blues, this sky-blue colour is another stunner in this set. It trends more towards turquoise than G.O.A.T does, a little more natural, but no less bold.
  • 🎾 Summer Strawberries – Fresh, ripe berries and refreshing British cream, there’s no better dessert than this in the English Summer.
  • 🎾 Big Hitter – Big, bright and neon, Big Hitter is a green that does not miss its mark.
  • 🎾 Advantage – A soft orange that would almost be pastel if it wasn’t so bright! Advantage is a crème that we could wear every darn day and never get tired of it.
  • 🎾 Quite The Racquet! – Tennis whites are a time-honoured tradition on British courts, especially Wimbledon. Apex has spruced up this white with a delicate shimmer in the pigment that brightens up this white even more.
  • 🎾 Backhanded – This shade is a slightly translucent raspberry red feels amazing to wear and looks even better on the nail. If you like your deeper colours but still like the brightness of summer shades, this is the colour for you.
  • 🎾 Tie-Breaker – A bold colour to get you out of a rut, Tie-Breaker is a neon pink with so much saturation that you can’t not love it, honestly. This is everything we wanted and we got it.
  • 🎾 Murray Mount – Grassy green, just like the hill that attracts so many viewers each year!
  • 🎾 Game, Set, Match – A lovely mint-green that we adore, this refreshing shade is perfect for a stroll in the park
  • 🎾 Grand Slam – The last colour in this line up is an blood-orange beauty. If you like your reds, this is going to be a new favourite and fast.


Aren’t they all amazing?

The mix of colours here is divided neatly into cools and warms that you can mix and match to create your perfect summer manicures!

As always, the full collection is available to buy from our website both as a whole and separate shades!

Click Here to shop the collection!

So, now you have all of these colours, let’s show you some really ballin’ ways to wear them. Check out our Pinterest board below for some ideas and inspiration!


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