Healthy Nails

Healthy nails are never more important than they are during the colder seasons. We are more prone to cracks forming and problems occurring when the temperature drops, a hot topic (pardon the pun) in the office here at JND at the moment.
We wanted to put together a list of some truly heroic products for you that could genuinely mean the difference between writing off your A/W nails and ROCKING THEM!

First up we wanted to talk about OPI's top-selling hero product’s for weak or damaged nails, NAIL ENVY.

NAIL ENVY - Original Formula
Providing maximum strengthening with hydrolysed wheat protein and calcium for harder, longer, stronger, natural nails.

NAIL ENVY  - Matte Formula
Similar ingredients to the Original Formula including hydrolysed wheat protein and calcium for stronger and healthier nails, with a matte finish.

NAIL ENVY  - Pink to Envy
Strength and a hint of Colour. Strength is beauty and OPI delivers strength with its range of Nail Envy natural nail strengtheners. OPI has developed a different formula to meet your individual needs.

NAIL ENVY  - For Soft and Thin Nails
The Soft & Thin formula is designed to fortify nails with extra calcium and sea minerals.

Products specifically created for the feet will also serve you well during this chilly time.

We particularly love Varisi as their Formula has a safe organic preparation. Perfect for Clean & Healthy Nails. It contains natural, organic compound’s derived from citrus extracts to dress, clean and restore problem finger and toe nails. Non Toxic / No Chemicals / No Odor / Paraben Free / Paraben Free / Hypo Allergenic

Our very own JND Cuticle Oil is brilliant for massaging into your hands, paying close attention to the skin around your nails. Using oil alongside moisturiser’s and nail strengthening treatments will help to ensure all round protection.

Keep those nails healthy guys! Your designs deserve it! 


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