March Manis

March Manicures

Well hello again, everyone! 

We're going to be taking a little look at some fun nail art ideas for March. As Spring starts to come in and take away the cold from us, it's about time that we look to some simple but fun nail ideas to keep our spirits up!

Taste the Rainbow

The Skittle Mani has been a customer favourite for a while now, the art of wearing a different colour on each nail and absolutely rocking it! 

These styles can range from having literally a different colour that cycles through the rainbow on each 10 fingers, or something far more subtle like a smooth Monochrome Ombre or pastel tones. 

We love this look because it lets us play around with so many combinations, plus in its base form, you really don't need to know any nail art techniques.

All you'll need is 3-5 complimentary colours (or not, if you're into a bit of anarchy) and away you go!

You could spruce up your skittle by creating a 'skittle french' or by making simple designs like waves or triangles if you wanted to go that extra mile.

Take a look at some of the examples below for some inspo 

Iridescent Fascination

Not quite ready to let go of glitter and glam but wanting to divorce yourself from the NYE and Christmas designs?

How about trying something a little less loud but just as amazing!

Iridescent pigments and nail foils are a fantastic way to spruce up your mani, from a single accent nail to a full set of magical shifting shades, here's some inspiration below.

All you'll need for this is a base colour (or two) and an Iridescent topper, a fully iridescent colour out of the bottle, or a shifting nail powder that you buff on top of your polish before you seal it in with a top coat.

If you're using Lacquer, we suggest using a quick dry top coat and waiting until it won't smudge.


Aren't they just gorgeous?

Hopefully they've sparked some interest in you all! And of course, if you are, we have everything that you need for these stunning looks right here at Just Nails Direct!

We've compiled a list of products that we think really fit this mood >>here<<  Go and check them out!

And of course, we've made a little pinterest board for fashion and look info too! 

We hope you have a fabulous Febuary, and we'll see you for some more news in a couple of weeks!


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