Solar Power

The UK is experiencing some super Summer heat right now! It was absolutely gorgeous for a day or two, and now we're scrambling to get those fans and air-con units for our rooms, aren't we? Hope that you're all managing to stay cool and hydrated any way you can.

Either way, all this high heat has got us thinking about our summer nail shades! We've collated some of the best and brightest of our stocks for you to take a look at, and the 2021 line up of collections for this summer looks to be absolutely blazing hot.

Apex Professional

This is the time of bright colours and block cremés! Thankfully we've got three shades that match those descriptions perfectly!

Outstanding Red, French Tip and Tik Tok Pink are honestly made for the season. A bright, playful red, A clean, elegant White, and a loud, neon pink is our answer to those essential summer vibes.

Grab your Apex Shades Here!


Cuccio Veneer

Alright, call us old-fashioned, but we honestly still have to stick with the Cuccio 'Heat Wave' Collection! 

These brights are just so much fun to play with, either by themselves in block colours or using them with each other for funky nail art. There are 8 colours in total, so you have all sorts of possibilities to go for

Buy from the Heatwave Collection now!


Gelazé by China Glaze

If you want Neons, boy, does China Glaze have neons for you!

Want to live out loud? Want to make a statement with your finger fashion? Then look no further than colours such as 'Home Sweet House Music' and 'Living in the Limelight'

Even better, while stocks last, our Gelazé colours are on discount, so there's never been a better time to grab them.

Shop the Gelazé Collection Here!

Remember! We here at JND have sorted out our polishes into seasons, too! So you can go and check the colours we have in our Summer Collection any time you want to.

Summer 2021 New Releases

If what we've shown you here just isn't enough for you, here are some of this year's hottest releases!

O.P.I Malibu Collection: 

Malibu is an enclave of inspiration–with whirring flowers on seaside cliffs and strawberry sunsets that bring in the tide, its vibrant hues create a rhythm that fills us with joy. So as we continue celebrating our 40th anniversary where it all began–LA–we’re sharing this hidden gem in hopes it will inspire you as much as it has us. Introducing the Malibu Collection, 12 new shades that embody this iconic coastal paradise. Bold, saturated hues and unexpected neutrals create a vibration we had to explore, so to help bring this to life, we ventured to the brim of LA with Selena Sloan, a singer, songwriter, and all-around colorful soul who sang her praises for this dreamy palette.



Zoya Dreamin' Collection:

Fresh for Summer 2021 is the Dreamin' Collection featuring a set of bright, classic, and feel-good shades to enjoy the warmer weather with.
Now is a great time to get your hands (and nails) on the newest line-up from Zoya for Summer!


Cuccio Totally 80's Mixtape:

Still Haven’t Found What You’re Looking For? Well, we’re kickin’ it ol’ skool with Cuccio Colour’s Totally 80’s Mixtape Neon Collection.
 Don’t worry…Be happy, with these 8 electric shades that will have you shouting I Want to Dance with Somebody, without any of the over-the-top big hair or tight spandex. So, pump up the volume of your colour style and start to Bust a Move with Cuccio.
That's all from us this month, we hope you have a wonderful summer! Keep going until the very end of Lockdown, and let's make sure everyone stays safe!

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