Spring Savings with JND!

We're so close to the official start of Spring, and what better way to start of the season with a little bit of Spring Cleaning!

We're giving you a bit of help with 10% off our entire JND Range until the 13th of March to give you a jump start!

JND Nail Prep Combo


Make sure that your Surfaces, Manicure and Hands are sanitized and clean with our Nail Prep and Wipe, made of 100% Isopropyl Alchohol for the most effective clean. 

Need to remove your Manicures to make way for a shiny new Spring Look? No worries, we have you covered! 
JND Gel Remover is made of pure Acetone, the most efficient way of removing Nail Lacquer, UV|LED Gel polish and nail Extensions.

Just soak some cotton pads in the remover and keep on the nails for 10-15 minutes before gently removing the gels. Easy peasy!

You can get both of these as a twin pack, or with a pack of 200 Lint-Free Wipes that will help keep your mani clean and even as you apply.


The JND Acrylic Range

Spring is all about trying new things and seeing what you can do with them. At JND We have the full Acrylic range that you need to create fantastic Acrylic Nail extensions and overlays.

With Acrylic Liquid, five different essential acrylic powder colours, brushes, dappen dishes and more, you'll find everything you need right here!

If you're a starter, we have several different kinds of Acrylic Kits available that will help to get you on your journey.

Acrylic Kit Layout


Get Organised!

Keep everything organised and safe from spilling all over your workspace with our Dappen Dishes. From 10ml to 150ml, we've got sizes for everyone. They're made of top-quality crystal glass, so they'll be able to hold all the various chemicals we use on the regular. Plus, you can use them for decoration sorting, holding your drill bits, glitter, rhinestones, and more!

Are you like us, and you have far too many colours to keep track of? Treat yourself to one of our Nail Art Displays! They come in Natural or Clear and come with 50 display sticks to easily show off your collection. Organise by colour, brand, name, whichever appeals to you the most! It's so nice to be able to see all of your colours on the sticks, it makes it so much easier to choose which one you want to wear. 


So, have we inspired you to organise yourself a little? We hope we have!

To get your 10% off, use code 'JND10' at checkout! 

Happy shopping, everyone!

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