Spring is Here!

Finally, we're in the home run of having to deal with the dreadfully cold weather, dry hands, and the super short days! 

Daylight Savings has graced us with much longer days in exchange for an hour of  our time, but we believe it's well worth the price. Not only that, but it's the Easter Bank holiday, and here in the UK, Lockdown has finally been eased. Seems like Easter is the new Christmas in 2021 with all this good cheer! For some, it's quite literally a breath of fresh air after being stuck inside for a whole year.

What are you going to be doing when businesses are allowed to open up again next week? Are you getting yourself straight into a salon so get a fresh set of nails on? Maybe a pampering pedicure or a facial to get ready to see people again? A little bit of pampering after a year of Salon-abstinence might just be the pick-me-up you need, no?

The weather hasn't quite decided what it's about just yet, but we've already had hints of the sun and warm breezes, and we're so excited about that. Bring on the shorts and the dresses and the pastel mani's! 

Speaking of Mani's, as the season of new beginnings and changes, what better time is there than Spring to really mix up your usual style and try something you've never tried before? 

Yes, we're talking about Apex ;)

Apex in Bloom Banner

As is any good brand should, we're going to tell you exactly why our colours are something you should try for yourself this season, that is, aside from the 2-coat coverage, the smoothness of the formula, the shiny-ness of the no-wipe topcoat, the uniqueness of the Magic Cat's Eye formula, their long lasting wear time and the range! Don't they look amazing?

Apex Spring Colours!

Starting with Silver-Gold Metallic this month, It's such a lovely, muted gold that looks sooo nice on anyone. It's subtle shimmer is more akin to a pearl than a glitter polish, but it's enough for the fine glitter to really catch the sun and dazzle in the daytime. It's also closer to a neutral colour, and will go wonderfully with any outfit!

Then, of course, we have the twinning colours, Classic Nude and Dusty Pink. These are the classics for good reason; you literally can't go wrong with them! But, their understated hues come in handy for when you want to look fresh for the season, and they work so, so nicely when paired with French Tip for, you got it, a french manicure! 

Speaking of lighter colours, Light-Taupe is our white-adjacent shade. Sometimes a pure white is just too much, we get that, so Light Taupe is our answer to that! It's a very light warm grey creme that just feels crisp and clean!

And then we have our Spring Rebels, Tik Tok Pink and Snow Glitter! If you think that Pastels and Creme's are too boring, then we hope that these will interest you too! 

Tik Tok might feel like it's a summer shade, which we certainly won't dispute, but if you want a bright color to really get you in the mood for being outside, then we don't think there's any better shade!

Snow Glitter can go over any colour and really bring out the whimsical in the other shades with it's sparkly Holo glitters. We recommend using it over darker colours if you really want to go for the contrast, but there's nothing to say you can't use them on the brighter ones either! 

Spring Collections Banner

Are you guys excited for all the new collections that have come out recently? 

Cuccio has come out with their 'Kittens & Canines' Collection, a fab pallette of soft, natural colours. If you're feeling like you want some cooler shades for this easter, then Cuccio has you covered!

Following the trend of softer, cooler colours, Morgan Taylor's 'Out In The Open' collection is a great range of four cremes, one fine glitter and an iridescent shifter that looks like it's going to be a killer out in the spring sun.

Not everyone's content with soft and subtle though, and that's alright! O.P.I's 'Hollywood' Collection shades are truly Red-Carpet worthy! Deep primary colours mingle with lighter pastels with a few surprise glitters in there too! I'm glad we found out who she really was, if not a waitress...


That's all from us this month, Can't wait to check back in again with you in May!

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