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The good news just doesn't stop!

We'd like to introduce you to the new 'Crystalline' collection from Apex Professional: 17 shades of Gel Polish Goodness!

Three Glitters, three Shimmers, four Crémes, four Thermal Colour Changing polishes and three Cat's Eye shades make up a total of seventeen gorgeous shades in this collection.

Apex Professional is dedicated to bringing you high-quality products for a fraction of the cost of big-name brands, and this newest entry into their catalogue really shows us that they're staying true to those words! These shades are easy to work with and have amazing coverage, let's check them out below!

We've been absolutely captivated by these colours, not going to lie. With a range from cool to warm, light to dark, Crystalline gives us a lot to work with without constraining itself to any particular form, much like a raw gemstone.

Even better is that every single one of these colours looks good in matte, not kidding. The subtle shifting of a Cat's eye under a matte top coat is just sublime!

The thermal shades are a lot of fun, too. They'll naturally create an ombre effect the further away it is from the nail plate, so if you've got a client with shorter natural nails you can achieve a short, colour-changing french ombre with barely any effort.

So, let's take a closer look at those shades!

  • CascadeThis rosy-pink shimmer will have you dancing the night away under the stars! Cascade is reminiscent of crushed velvet and silks, simple yet elegant.
  • Devotion - The calm but warm strength of Devotion is now a colour you can wear on your nails! Be it a promise, a love, a goal, this magnificent mauve will get you where you want to be.
  • Diviniation - The art of reading the stars to divine the hidden truths of the world, but now you can carry those fortunes with you! Divination is a pale gold glitter with a healthy dose of holo.
  • Dream Within A Dream - To dream is a beautiful thing, those moments of impossibility that for one moment become your reality, that shifting scape of wonder. Dream Within A Dream shifts as that whimsical state does, from a shining ocean blue to the pale, still star-lit sky of dawn.
  • Flare - With all you do, do it with Flare! This deep wine-red will shift into a baby blue in the heat, creating a truly stand-out ombre effect that no one will miss. Whatever you say about this shade, you can't say that Flare doesn't have flair.
  • Flying Swallow - What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow? African or European doesn't matter here, because our shade could be both with the way it shifts! This shade starts out as a moody purple-grey but lightens into a lovely dusty lavender when heat is applied.
  • Impact - This dark reddish purple is also called "Phonecian Purple", what a gorgeous name! Just like that name that seems to have come straight out of myth, 'Impact' is sure to leave a lasting impression on it's viewers.
  • Nebula - Nebula is an enigmatic Cats-eye shade that shifts between bright gold and warm silver, showcasing fine blue and turquoise shimmer throughout. It's a truly unique colour that doesn't stay still. 
  • Perfect Balance - At first glance, this shade might seem like a dusty rose colour, but on closer inspection you'll find that there's a faint shimmer it that really comes out in direct light! Perfectly balanced between Creme and Glitter.
  • Prominence - A shade to quietly state your position, Prominence is a warm-silver shimmer that feels important, and when you wear it, you will too.
  • Quietus - Dark, Mysterious, and Gothic; Quietus is a dark-red glitter in a deep red translucent base shot through with iridescent glitter that compliments this blood wine shade.
  • Rapture - What starts out as a tranquil turquoise moves into a minty-blue when under the heat! Bright colours for the small joys, the day-to-day raptures that make life wonderful.
  • Refulgent - The warmth of a hearth, the glint of candlelight off brass decor, the feeling of being home. Refulgent is a comfortable burnt orange creme.
  • Seraph - As deep and vast as the night sky, Seraph is a translucent royal blue with holographic and silver glitters and layers to full opacity in 2-3 coats. 
  • Stardiver - Dive into a sea of stars with this muted blue-purple Cat's Eye shade with bright sparks of pink glitter. 
  • Tempest - Brave the stormy seas and the moody skies with this expressive warm grey Cat's eye shade!
  • Wildfire - Let your heart run wild, spark a confidence, a little rebellious streak with this deep red creme.



If you want to see more, check out the Youtube Playlist where we live swatch all these colours! 

And of course, you can buy all these wonderful shades on our website, click here to shop the full collection!

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