Apex® Professional Gel Polish - Movement (15ml)


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Feel the Movement in the moment!

This shade is a bright lavender.

Apex® Professional gels are professional, salon grade gel polishes that give exquisite results every time. 

Each shade is picked with care and attention, curated by a team of polish-loving techs and designers for you. Apex believes in supplying a high-quality product and experience at the same time, which is why it's important that the gels are the best they can be!

  • Cures in 30 Seconds (UVLED), 60 Seconds (UV/CFL). With these fast curing times you have a minimal risk of smudging your manicure! No waiting between layers for lacquer to dry, you can simply paint and cure until you have reached your desired coverage.
  • Long-Lasting up to 21 days. The formula is made to be chip, dent and scratch-free! When you pair Apex Professional colours with the sturdy Base Coat and the Non-Wipe Top Coat, you have a flawless glossy manicure that can last for weeks! The gels are suitable for use on natural nails, acrylic extensions, polygel extensions and more.
  • Complete System. The Apex system works flawlessly with itself. With the foundational Base Coat to protect your natural nail from staining and to even out ridges, a growing range of gel colours, and both the gorgeously glossy, no-fuss Non-Wipe Top Coat and the marvelous Super Matte Top Coat, they have everything you need for a full gel manicure. No fuss, no mess, just salon-quality materials.
  • Vegan friendly and Cruelty free. Apex Professional believes in supplying great products without harm, and so they have worked to ensure that all of the items are both eco-friendly to produce and never tested on animals. 
  • By Professionals, For Everyone. Apex's enthusiasm for their products come from years of training and working in the beauty industry, and so they know quality when we see it! Apex Professional products are chosen and created by the people on the ground floor of the field, so you can be sure that each one will be of professional standard and fully compliant with all UK and EU safety regulations and is suitable for use in both professional salons and beauty enthusiasts at home ♥