Gellish UV|LED Gel Polish Chain Reaction (15ml)


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Used by top professionals all around the world. Gelish applies like a polish for easier application, smoother flow, better product levelling for a streak free and more complete curing for longer, chip free wear.

It is and will always be the original soak-off gel polish and because of this it has become the trusted, go-to brand for nail technicians. And now, the best is getting even better with an enhanced formulation for better stability, more accurate colour, and improved product flow for an even easier, smoother lay-down. 

The new, sleek Gelish bottle provides better on-shelf and in-salon colour designation with its larger colour dot and colour bar that can be seen from any angle. The new custom brush provides for better control, feel, and a streak free application. This is the gold standard as you’ve never seen it before.