Vglove Powder-Free Latex Gloves 100pcs


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Ingredients : latex concentrate, natural concentrate

Powder content : ASTM D6124, EN455-03; Max: 2mg / gloves

Protein content : ASTM D5712, EN455-3, Max: 200μg / dm2

Color : natural rubber

Characteristic : Polymer-free Gloves are made from a blend of 60% Latex HA natural rubber, an innovative product of VGlove branded gloves that are resistant to Polymer coatings.

Packing : 100 boxes, 10 boxes / carton

Weight : M = 5.4g 
Size :

Extra small (XS): Width of palm (mm): <80, length (mm): min 240 
(S): palm width (mm): 85 ± 3, length (mm) min 240

Medium (M): Palm width (mm): 95 ± 3, length (mm): min 240

Large (L): Palm width (mm): 105 ± 3, length (mm): min 240

Extra large (XL): Palm width (mm):> 110, length (mm): min 240

Thickness :

Measuring position :

Fingertips (13 ± 3mm at finger point), one layer (mm): min 0.01

The palm (at the center of the palm), one layer (mm): min 0.01    

Mechanical properties :

Standard EN 455-02

Before aging: Tear: 6N min, lasting: 650% min

After aging: Torn: 6N min, lasting: 500% min

ASTM D 3578-05

Before aging: Stretch: 18Mpa min, lasting: 650% min

After aging: Stretch: 14Mpa min, lasting: 500% min

Functions and effects :

- High elasticity. 
- The property is difficult to puncture and tear. 
- Softness brings comfort and fit to the user. In addition, the user will feel more comfortable with the function of reducing sweating hands cause discomfort. 
- The wrist is adjustable so it is easy to wear and to avoid tearing. 
- Smooth surface, soft, help consumers not exposed to corn powder, denature ... 
- Coating with Polymer non-stick coating will help surface when exposed polymer gloves feel cool and soft, more comfortable 
- the lowest level of protein and chemicals on gloves to limit skin allergies for users with sensitive skin, allergic to corn starch. 
- Avoid direct contact with hazardous and unwanted substances.

Criteria for quality assessment :

- Based on American product quality standards - ASTM D3578 (05)

- Apply Good Manufacturing Practice - GMP as per FDA guidelines.