Apex® Professional Base Coat 10ml


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Apex Professional Gel Base Coat provides top-quality adhesion to the natural nail plate which helps to prevent peeling and lifting of our Gel Colours.

Our Self-levelling formula will smooth out any natural ridges and bumps in the nail allowing for a flawless, professional-looking finish and prevent staining of the natural nail.

Apex® Professional Base Coat the long-lasting start to your perfect nails! 

This easy glide, non-toxic and low-odor base coat is the best foundation for a flawless, salon-quality Apex manicure.

  • Cures in 30 Seconds (UVLED), 2 Minutes (UV/CFL)
  • Long-Lasting up to 21 days
  • Vegan friendly and cruelty free
  • Easy to apply and requires curing under UV CFL or LED Lamp
  • Premium quality for salon or home use.