Apex® Professional Super Matte Top Coat 10ml


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Love a colour but want to be more subtle about it than a glossy finish? Then Apex® Professional Super Matte Top Coat is the way to top off your manicure.

Want the modern matte nails look? Then our No-Wipe Matte topcoat is for you! The topcoat will look glossy when it is applied, but the magic happens when you start curing it under a UV lamp. The Top Coat will set completely matte and will protect the colour underneath from chipping and peeling.

Our Super Matte Formula seals in your colour and keeps it safe for up to 21 days if applied correctly.

  • Cures in 30 Seconds (UVLED), 2 Minutes (UV/CFL)
  • Long Lasting up to 21 days
  • Vegan friendly and cruelty free
  • Easy to apply and requires curing under UV CFL or LED Lamp
  • Premium quality for salon or home use.