Cuccio Veneer Treatment Pack 4 x 13ml


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Cuccio Treatment Pack has everything required to provide the best application of gel polish in one convenient kit.

Treatment Pack Contains: 

1 x Prep
1 x Fuse
1 x Base
1 x Top Coat 

No.1 (Prep) - A natural nail dehydrator that eliminates any and all moisture locked in the nails from hand washing.

No.2 (Fuse) - A non-acid, pH-balanced bonder that aids in the adhesion of the Veneer product and extends wear time.

No.3 (Base) - The first layer of the LED / UV curing process in the Veneer service. Acts as a barrier to prevent any staining of the nail.

Following Step (Colour) - Veneer Colour of Choice (NOT INCLUDED IN PACK)

No.4 (Top) - The highest gloss armour for Veneer. Repels scratches and cracks, leaving the nails shiny for the entire length of wear time.