Cuccio UV|LED Veneer Gel Polish I Wish (13ml)


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Let your style roam free in a world of possibilities with the Cuccio Imagine collection for Spring 2020. Eight beautiful new pastel shades; Crave, Desire, Dream, Reflect, Imagine, Seek, Endure, and Wish

Cuccio are at the forefront of product development for hand, feet, and nails, utilising the largest and most technologically advanced laboratories in the world. All of Cuccio products are unique as they're developed by themselves, exclusively for them and nobody else.

 Why Cuccio Veneer Gel Polish:

  • No evaporation = not thickening/hardening/yellowing - we guarantee this product until the last drop
  • Triple Pigmentation - true colour coverage in just 2 thin coats
  • LED / UV formula
  • Veneer Micro-shatter resistant technology - armour coated flawless wear
  • Reflective Mirror shine finish for the entire length of wear
  • Extended Wear - product will stay on until you want to remove it
  • Colours that exactly match our Cuccio Colour nail lacquer